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Anastasia McGrath is one of Sydney's leading makeup artist with over 16 years of experience and knowledge. Her long time vision and passion was to create a space that met all your makeup artist needs in a professional and elite manner, learning first hand from an Industry professional. 


Anastasia believes that students require a trainer with the qualification and experience of being in today's industry teaching current trends and techniques that are needed most. This is why our Sydney Makeup Academy located in the heart of the Inner west, offer an education hub of informative and interactive makeup courses, makeup workshops and makeup seminars that are exclusive and hands on, teaching you with only the latest products and trends in the current market. 


Whether you want to start your career as a Makeup artist or brush up your existing skills we provide a variety of short courses for your needs. Our classes are conducted in an private boutique style manner with a maximum of up to 4-7 students to ensure that all students receive the guidance they need.  

Anastasia is a qualified Trainer and Assessor and a reputable Sydney Bridal Makeup Artist with an honest and easy step by step training method.

“Where to begin.. I've had such an amazing time during this course, it doesn't feel right to be leaving. Anastasia has been such an amazing mentor throughout all 5 weeks, every lesson was different and fun! This was definitely an experience for all of us. I can't thank you enough for how patient and amazing you've been. I look forward to starting my career in makeup all thanks to you, this journey has sadly come to an end... but it's time to start a new one. You are such an inspiration” 

—  Sarah Irani

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